Gemeinsam mit Al Gore und Aktivistinnen aus Standing Rock für saubere Banken!

Nach drei Tage mit LaDonna Brave Bull, Jackie Fielder, Michelle Cook, Tara Houska und Osprey Orielle Lake und dem "Treffen" mit Al Gore in Zürich...

Okt. 10, 2017

Nach drei Tage mit LaDonna Brave Bull,  Jackie Fielder, Michelle Cook, Tara Houska und Osprey Orielle Lake und dem "Treffen" mit Al Gore in Zürich und Protestaktionen vor der Credit Suisse wollen wir noch folgende Statements mit euch teilen:

Al Gore in 20min: 

Al GORE zur Premièren-Aktion von gegen die #Credit Suisse und zu Divestment

20 Minuten: "Das bringt uns zum Abschlussabend des Zürcher Filmfestivals: Einige Aktivisten der Divestment-Bewegung haben versucht, ein Transparent gegen den Festival-Sponsor Credit Suisse aufzuhängen wegen dessen Investments in fossile Energien. Haben Sie die bemerkt?"
Al Gore: "Nein, ich habe sie nicht gesehen. Ich unterstütze Divestment aktiv. Ich respektiere diese Leute zutiefst und teile die meisten ihrer Ansichten. Aber ich habe eine andere Rolle."

20 Minuten: "Heisst das, Sie teilen auch die Kritik an Banken, die weiterhin in fossiler Energie investiert sind?" 

Al Gore: "Ich warne Finanzfirmen, dass sie mit solchen Investitionen Gefahr laufen, ihre Geld zu verlieren. Und sie sollen auch die Konsequenzen in Betracht ziehen, die sich aus der Unterstützung solcher Aktivitäten ergeben. Aber ich denke, das ist bereits im Gange in der globalen Finanzindustrie."

Tara Zhaabowekwe Houska auf FB: 

Yesterday was Indigenous Peoples Day. Yesterday, when I questioned a Credit Suisse banker about them telling a delegation of indigenous women not to bring weapons to a meeting -- he apologized, and said he didn't mean live ammunition, but that he was worried we would bring a tomahawk or a spear. Yesterday, I watched Swiss citizens refilling their water bottles from massive fountains of crystal clear water all over downtown Zürich. Yesterday, I saw Swiss citizens range from curious to horrified to angry when they saw us protesting in front of Credit Suisse after our meeting.

A society of illusion, built on the genocide and destruction of those somewhere else. A society disconnected from the earth, from the environment, from empathy. We joust with these financial institutions because it is in a language they understand: money. They think our warnings are hollow, but shift uncomfortably when they learn of resistance camps and global networks of organizers. We will not stop. We will not yield. The next generation awaits.

#Resist #Racism #NoDAPL #StopLine3 #DivestTheGlobe#IndigenousPeoplesDay


LaDonna Tamakawastewin Allard auf FB:

Hihanna waste start my morning by saying prayer for the water. It seems a lot has happened in Facebook land... it is probably good I don't have a good connection to internet here and can't get on most of the day. Yesterday was a good day but exhausting talking to bank as why they should divest from fossil fuel. Some meet us with hostility other trying to understand. I think we made some positive meeting and of course the flash mob was good on the street. I see people stand up every where. This adventure has only just begun, please hang on because we are going into the future standing up. I know people like Facebook drama but I don't have time for it, with the he said, she said, they said, and I heard comments. My grandma Alice would say there is no would if, could if, should of, in life there is only here and now. If people get caught up in the he said she said that means they have their own issues they need to deal with. Remember Tiger Sean uses this method to divide movements. I refuse to allow them into my life. Remember each day we stand for the water. 


Michelle Cook auf FB:

Meeting with Credit Suisse today was interesting. Some folks here still are under a racist assumption that Indian peoples and Indian lawyers travel with tomahawks and spears in our checked luggage or brief case. Interesting how racial stereotypes and ideas of Indian savagery are still present and emerge in engagement with banks and financial institutions. These people still do not know us and that is why we are here to educate Europeans banks and people on who indigenous peoples are and what they require to enjoy their human rights. We have had much better reception with insurance companies who are involved with many of these rights abusing corporations. Divest these banks and join indigenous peoples as they strike the heart of capitalism and the corporations which are robbing this earth and the people of their freedoms and rights. Continue to pray for the delegation. They are doing an amazing job and are working very hard to advance indigenous peoples rights in this financial arena. Many people don't see the work that goes into these delegations and often think this is a walk in the park. It is not. It is difficult work, emotionally hard but necessary. Uplift the women around you. Listen and support their voices and build their capacity to engage in these systems. This is the mission of the delegations. I know we are achieving goals and are learning the ways of the financial world that impacts our peoples so deeply. This knowledge will be shared and will be used to educate our Native people and Nations as part of obtaining global financial literacy for indigenous peoples, specifically women. Love you all and thank you for your support and help.

Befreundet euch mit den starken Frauen auf FB und haltet euch auf dem laufenden: 

LaDonna Brave Bull Allard

Lakota historian, member of the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe and founder/landowner of Sacred Stone Camp

Jackie Fielder

Mnicoujou Lakota and Mandan-Hidatsa, Campaign Coordinator of Lakota People's Law Project and organizer with Mazaska Talks

Michelle Cook

Diné/Navajo, human rights lawyer and a founding member of the of the Water Protector Legal Collective at Standing Rock

Tara Houska

Anishinaabe, tribal attorney, National Campaigns Director of Honor the Earth, former advisor on Native American affairs to Bernie Sanders

Osprey Orielle Lake

WECAN Executive Director and delegation facilitator


Alles Gute La Donna, Jackie, Michelle, Tara, Osprey und auf bald!